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thanks for having us. first, i would like to thank the courport staff members for r dispatch and vigorous this in pursuing this deal. a brief reminder, we are in development. -- orton development. we have to take one second to find a slide show. >> well you are looking for it, does that match and that that we are given? >> yes. that slide that just won by is really our cover. we are on the second page. again, you selected us and we feel very privileged to be selected. because of our experience with similar projects. we specialize in large scale of this industrial rehabilitation. we have been fortunate to earn the confidence of some of our country's leading innovators. we are going to keep the project update -- give you a project update. we have perfected the our lease of the noted building and have opened up our offsite office. we have completed an access agreement which has allowed us to understand the premises. we have completed our negotiation agreement, which of course, allows us to proceed with the term sheet and lease. we're in the middle of our listening tour where we
in the foreseeable future. >> all right. stephane, thanks for that. joining us now for the first half of today's program, will oswald. thanks for joining us. how quickly is this unraveling? what's the next stage of this story? >> one of the things that we've been talking about for really some time now is that globally we're talking about something that looks a bit like a deleveraging black hole. what we mean by that you got across multiple different economies both in the private and public sector you got very large amount of debt levels that you need to bring down but of course over multiple years. this idea that we can get some quick adjustment, we have the process that goes through, everything is moving forward isn't going to happen. so when we look at a country like spain, if we look at it on a standalone basis, what can we do, looking at it in isolationist is the wrong way. spain is not sustainable. this is a workout process on a multiyear horizon. what provides you to step over "from the edge" is support whether it comes from the troika, they are going to greece this week, the ecb steppin
know everybody in the family is safe and that person wants to use a garden hose to put out the fire. if you don't this is a possibility. a single story wood structure building is the safest to be in but has to be bolted to the foundation. everybody know where the water heater is. if you haven't change it in 10 years it might be free standing it has to be elevated 18 inches and strapped the top and bottom third. used to be like this. this is 3 quarter inch tape. top and bottom third and bolted against a stud not just dry wall it has to hit the stud. this is what to look for. the top of the shelves. yeah. when the earthquake hit it moves side sways. a lot of the time filing cabinets, they open the shelf, if you do that it will fall over. lock it or balance the weight out. computers. notice this new computer, here. [laughter]. >> save yourself a lot of money by strapping it down. putting velcro on it so it doesn't fall off. tip it over all the stuff will fall off. to be properly say it should be 50 feet away from the window. how many people have 30 foot bedrooms? the best thing to do
happened to us and we cannot be more grateful. that is that we got a huge push over the finish line from our partners at the america's cup event authority. thank you so much for that. [applause] i want you to take a good long look at the bones of this facility. the structure is built to last a lifetime. it will last for generations. hopefully some day you all well cruise out of here as well as your children and grandchildren. i want you to look at that and feel the pride. mr. mayor, this facility has already won its first award from "cruise insight" magazine for been designed with the most amount of consensus and input. we are extremely proud of that. it was a new category created just for this cruise ship terminal and it cannot be more fitting. this site is really being transformed. the pier 27 facility opened in 1967. it was part of the pier 27, at 29, 31 cargo facility coming out of world war ii and into the global logistics supply chain which had moved to contain theiri -- containerization. as you can see behind me, it is long as part of the waterfront, whether it is port property or
. thank you for joining us. tell us a little bit about the organization. >> we're 30 years old now. we started with 14 farmers, and it has grown out to over 80. >> what is the mission of the organization? >> this area has no grocery store spiller it is all mom-and- pop stores. we have this because it is needed. we knew it was needed. and the plaza needed somebody. it was empty. beautiful with city hall in the background. >> thank you for speaking with us. are you on the web? >> yes, hocfarmersmarket.org. >> check them out. thank you. >> welcome. the dish is ready. >> it looks and smells amazing. >> thank you. it was not easy to meet the $20 budget. i checked everybody out and found some great produce. really lovely seafood. i think that you are going to love it. >> do not be shy. cyou know this can run you $35 to $45 for a bowl, so it is great you did this for $20. >> this will feed four to six people. >> not if you invite me over for dinner. i am ready to dig in. >> i hope you'll love it. >> mmm. >> what do you think? >> i think i am going to need more. perhaps you can have all you wa
of rebuilding these hospitals the right way. the decision we have in front of us is whether to vote on this project tonight. i do want to make it clear that if i had to vote tonight, i would not certify to have the eir. as a supervisor who borders the corridor, i do not believe the product addresses the traffic the facts. the concern that more traffic leads to less the lake, the outdated baseline and writer ship numbers, they are ignoring significant impacts of emergency access. others have outlined how the eir and ignores environmental alternatives and describe the product in an environmental setting. that being said, i think everyone on this board and are mayor understands that there are aspects of this project that can be negotiated. three weeks ago at our land use committee we learned about the existence of troubling information that the proposed agreement had serious flaws. we were never provided that information directly despite repeated requests. when we receive information that there were repeated concerns that it could be shut down within five years, there were answers. thu
>> good afternoon, everyone. this is july 23rd, 2012 meeting of the land use and economic development committee of the san francisco board of supervisors. our clerk today is derek evans and, he is supported by lisa miller. >> please silence all cell phones and electronic devices appeared document -- and electronic devices. documents should be submitted to the court. >> i would like to thank our sfgtv staff, general furlough, and jesse larsen, for broadcasting as today. -- jennifer lowe and jesse larsen for broadcasting us today. >> item number one, to add limitations on eligibility application deadlines for the receipt of assessor, reporters report. and to reduce the application fees for the mills' agricultural contracts. >> thank you. supervisor wiener. >> today, we are considering legislation that i am sponsoring to improve access to amend the minister of code by which we enter into mills act contract. this will improve and streamline the process of that we provide incentives to homeowners to maintain their stored properties in san francisco. -- their historic properties
a little caution. there is a reason why restaurants, at least in this area, have conditional use reviews. i was quite interested in a status presentation of the uses on sacramento st. at the moment. it is the kind of mix of uses that to other neighborhoods are clamoring to have, but they have been inundated with restaurants. you still have a barbershop. that is really cool. you still have a flower shop. how many neighborhoods have a flower shop? you have a dry cleaners. there is a whole mix of uses along here that the next neighborhood, the people have said that they miss now because of the number of the other types of uses that have come into the neighborhood. i do not think the addition of this one up sets that balance, and i am not hoping you will spawn other competitors, so did speak -- so to speak. >> the motion on the floor is for approval. commissioner moore: i found the story kind of compelling when i think about some of the ideas of bringing back into it together and how he was describing individual attention into what is trying to do. i felt very comfortable. i also feel that this
and use it to strengthen our commitment to each other. >> to the families of those gathered here today, we remain here for you. our community is here for you. colorado is here for you and always will be. >> the senseless and evil act of violence left many of us wondering how and why this could happen. these questions arise when the everyday securities and certainties of life, the trust we carry in our fellow human beings, that we can go safely to work each day or go to school or to the movies are shaken. it's natural for us to wonder why does this kind of suffering happen and what does it really mean. martha: boy, indeed it is. those are the big questions this morning and police say that the 24-year-old suspect, james holmes is refusing to cooperate ahead of his court appearance which happens this morning. right now he is in solitary confinement. alicia acuna is live outside the courthouse in centennial, colorado, where this will play out in next couple hours. how is this expected to go? >> reporter: this could all be over with in five minutes or less. this is just the beginning of the pro
the contractors working with us. we have exceeded our lbe goals and hiring goals. the jobsi am very happy to be dg the project and i want to assure you the project will be completed on time and we will be able to accommodate those big ships bringing thousands of people to san francisco. thank you for the opportunity to speak. [applause] >> thank you, muhammed, everyone at dpw. my job is really fun. i get to meet some of the most fascinating people around the world. the one that fascinate me the most have to be the one that spend their lives at sea. so i want to reduce next the president of metro crew stores. -- cruise tours. he is a sea captain graduate from the arena university in genoa, italy. he has sailed world wide for many years. he has worked for princess cruises and crystal cruises before joining metro services. he has a master captain's license. he is a member of thepeople to . thank you for the opportunity to speak. [applause] >> thank you, u.s. coast guard area maritime security committee. he is also a member of the international cruise line council security. we could not have a better
, president chiu, board of supervisors, thank you for having us here tonight. my name is ray and i am a stakeholder on this program of rebuild cpmc. i am part of the cpmc project team at california pacific medical center as the project manager. i am also a native and resident of san francisco. i was born and raised here and so are my family and kids. we plan to stay here throughout all of our lives and we will continue to do that with your help. i was here 27 years ago in a similar situation but it was on a smaller scale. my family had the opportunity to acquire property in district 2 and we had to go through a subdivision. in order to accomplish that, we had to work with the board of supervisors, associations, and went to a a series of meetings. i had no idea what i was getting into. but we were successful at the end. i am glad we did it. i see this as similar, much more complex, and it is going to leave a legacy for all of our families and our kids and their children as well. it has been great to hear you have experts that have put together a eir from the planning commission, health
for bearing with us. this was my responsibility for getting * mixed up. i appreciate your forbearance -- for bearing with us on that ledge. yes i have the your coming with us -- coming together with us for the special item. this is a project it that we have been working on for a while, and has offered a partnership with us on this design challenge, to come merida with innovative ways to deal with the -- come up with innovative ideas for the design problem related to the additions and the new construction in the historic districts, south of the market district and how these may be approached. we will have some interesting possibilities and approaches to this challenge. i will introduce driscoll, who will talk to you about the program. and how the design program is organized. thank you. >> i am the executive director with the center for architecture and design. i am happy that this is something that is fine, because this will be different than a lot of the presentations that you will see. we do a variety of programs for the community as well as professionals. in 2005 we established the
be advised that the bringing in using of cell phones, pagers, and similar sound producing devices are prohibited at this meeting. the chairman order from the removal -- the removal from the meeting room of any person responsible for the ringing of any cellphone or similar sound producing electronic device. please be advised that a member of the public has up to three minutes to make pertinent public comments on each agenda item unless the port commission adopts a shorter period of any item. >> good afternoon, commissioners, members of the staff. thank you for joining us. we have an interesting agenda. lots of different attributes that we on the court to sharing with you. i wanted to start by commenting on commissioner lazarists. as many of you know, her term expired and under the city ordinance she was able to hold it over for 60 days. the mayor has asked and she has agreed to go serve on the board of appeals, subject to confirmation, so she will not be able to come back to the port. i tried to entice her to come back today to be recognized for her many contributions, and she poli
refuse to do anything about it, but we allow political bullies to intimidate us from even researching the facts. now, there's never been a threat in this country that sportsmen will not be able to hunt or target shoot. that false specter raised by the gun lobby so successfully that dade there is virtually no gun protection. but that doesn't stop the number one gun advocacy group, the national rifle association, from making things up, creating phony threats to gun ownership. they are attacking the obama administration which has done essentially nothing in this field. since they know that congress would reject even the most reasonable proposal. it has been impossible, for example, to even -- to close the gun show loophole where people can get unlimited amounts of guns without a reasonable background check. the n.r.a. is at work to make sure people on the no-fly list because they are threats to national security can purchase guns. that data cannot be shared between a.t.f. and homeland security dealing with potential terrorists. the n.r.a. argues that all we need is for existing gun laws
. fireplace, close the dampers and seal off your shelter in place room by using duct tape and terms of the emergency alert system. listen to the radio. that's it. do not try to call the school, try to pick up your children because do you want to leave the area? no, you want to shelter in place. people own pets. do not risk your safety for pets. in summary, it is likely you are at an incident that may be involved with bnice, your safety is the most important. limit your time, get your distance away from that and some type of shielding and listen to the emergency alert system, your radio. . >> there's an acronym that we use to use an extinguisher. what's that acronym? we're going to take turns putting out this fire. you can see that it will make a pretty big mess but at least it put out the fire in your house or something like that. so when we want to shut off electricity is when we see an outlet or something smoking, when you smell that burning smell or if you are not really sure or if you do smell gas and it's safe to do so. if i am in the basement with this set up, this sort of rag
effected. rather than us take the case as nondiscrimination, we would refer them to the rent board. we actually addressed 1560 incidences of people walking in. the primary component of the complaints that walk in the door are housing, representing a little over 60%. and the primary protected class that we deal with his disability, which is roughly 39% total. and looking at the bottom drops of employment, housing, and public accommodation, you can see the distribution among the various protective glasses. in almost every case, i'd is pretty consistent with disability being the primary -- it is pretty consistent with disability being the primary issue that people are filing complaints on. -- filing claims on. commissioner campos asked me to look at what the human rights commission will be in the future. supervisor kim has seen some of these during the budget presentation, so please excuse the repetition. but the policy issue right now come out every year we have a single issue that is predominant. right now, that is the african- american self-determination. looking at the unfinished agen
home and school. police are looking into whether or not to use his students us to order materials. police also found a better mouse inside his home. authorities were able to clear explosives inside his home including homemade grenades. but right now investigators believe he was a loner >>> all the evidence that we have, every single indicator shows us the he was not particularly aided by anyone >>> he also attempted to join a gun club in colorado and was denied membership. the owner of the range called his home and he thought these voice messaging system was weird. >>> i had a chance to visit with each family and most of the conversation was filled with memories. it was an opportunity for families to describe how wonderful there're brother was, or their it system or or mother was >>> jon read the names of each of the victims. the pastor who witnessed the massacre such as " we can't lay fear or anger to control of as " >>> i was asking the person who was on top of the one i was trying to help of the could move, but big cuts and big couldn't and i was just big-name the person to ple
to answer. he was completely demoralized. good >> when you suggested to call somebody to use your power to do something, he told you he could not and would not, right? >> objection. good >> what was his response when you called to get somebody to stop this? >> he said he could not do anything. agaiin the street he would justt down, and he did not say anything, and i said, we have to do something. i believe we can do something. it is wrong, so she does not have my permission. i thought it was confidential, and that night when lynette was calling me, she said, he does not want to do anything, and she said, you have to go somewhere, so i told him, you have to react, take the phone. i am going to put everything together, and we are going to sleep in that house. it was me and putting everything together. it was me who was pushing him, and i remember when he was arrested we were in the seraphs office, and we were walking outside the -- the sheriff's office, and we were walking outside, and there was staff next to us, and ross was panicked. he was so sad, and i said, you won the election. stay
toward architecture and urban design. but again the land uses there that interests me a lot. we had a presentation, commissioner moore mentioned the central corridor effort that's going on in the planning department. and i went back and looked through some of the backgroundwork that was done for the eastern neighborhoods plan which includes the soma area. and there was a land use map that was part of that that showed a great variety of land uses in the area. and i'm afraid what's going to happen as somehow we assume that we're going to have to accommodate growth and increase the density, and i don't know where that notion comes from except from developers. and, you know, that we're going to lose all that. and it's going to be extremely difficult, i think, for us to be able to really make a huge difference in the way -- the future of soma is going to look. maybe that's too pessimistic. but i've been on this commission for six years. and i've been on the landmarks board, and i've been on the board of appeals. and i'm telling you, none of those bodies are able to control the kinds of t
us on monday for updates on the record date. will also happily this information on facebook in it twitter. the facebook has moved from colorado to the bay area. da lin tells us about his first trip since being elected into office. >> a sold-out obama fund- raiser at the fox theater. monday's event in a town oakland will be his first public appearance. the. >> them a secret signs and has this >> i think that it may affect our business. re-bath could miss some revenue but i think it is worth it to be able to have a president here. oakland police will shut down some streets around the theater and parking will be allowed during the day. about 2800 people are expected to attend. ticket prices range from $100 to $7,500 and. during his visit the president will also attend to other fund-raisers in neighboring cities. the tickets for those events are close the canallers per person. >> i am hoping he embraces the 99%. he needs to embrace us rather than alienate us. but >>vicki: the president arrived a run on a 3:00 p.m.. reggie kumar was there for the arrival. >>reggie: air force one
including an mid life overhaul program to allow the hybrids to exceed our meet their useful life and guidance. >> how many miles is considered a life? >> i believe it is measured in years. i believe 14 years, at least. there might also be a mileage requirement, but maybe somebody can jump on that. commissioner cohen: i have a superficial question, but a question nonetheless about the potential new replacement. what color will it be? >> that: i will defer to mta staff on the details.k i would assume it would be in line with the current fleet. >> commissioners, jonathan from the mta. the first question was about the useful life of a vehicle. it depends on the type. this type of hybrid-electric vehicle has a life of about 20 years. we run our vehicles millions of more miles than some of our sister agencies within the region but the useful life and replacement is based on a number of years of service. with regard to the color, we just went through a new branding process that i am sure a lot of people are familiar with and we're also looking at a branding plan for the van ness brt. as
reasonably well, as well as could be expected under the circumstances. she would not talk with us about where they are physically located right now. citing concerns about their safety. but to repeat, she is going to come out and read a prepared statement, and the most extensive comments from the family since this shooting happened last week, suzanne. >> and do we have any sense, casey, of what their emotions are? what they are actually experiencing now? have they expressed remorse or get or surprise? >> really all we have is from last friday when the family released through local police officials a statement expressing their condolences to all of those who were impacted by this tragedy. also requesting privacy for the family at this time, but we do not have anything in detail in terms of their emotions and the reaction to this horrific crime that their son is being, a about to be charged with, suzanne. >> we will keep a close eye on that attorney and the statement that they will make later today. thank you, casey. we have in depth coverage of the court appearance by james holmes and of course
bailout. the u.s. equity futures at this point, take a look. dow futures down by almost 140 points. the u.s. trezy success seen as a safe-haven. we saw that hitting record low yields and more on that in a moment. >> let's get through some of the other news this morning. some big news. u.s. prosecutors and european regulators are reportedly close to making libor arrests. reuters is saying individual traders will be charged with could lewding to manipulate global benchmark interest rates. and rake taking himself out of barclays chairman job. barclays is looking for exalternative jam candidates, shares falling on this news this morning. in other corporate headlines, nrg energy buying rifle genon. nrg ceo david crane will join us at 7:00 a.m. eastern. you don't want to miss that. and nasdaq plans to pay out $62 million in cash, this is controversial to firms that lost money in facebook's bungled ipo. it modified an earlier plan for market makers and other exchanges. the new plan is $22 million larger. the biggest difference the compensation will be paid in cash rather than trading credits for r
still to come. >> we're managing victims with as many victim advocates as we can get. we're using p.i.o.s from different offices so each family has someone they can rely on if they need to. >> and this d.a.says it could be a year if this goes to trial. the next court date is on monday. >> thank you. >> a 21-year-old woman who escaped the shooting gave birth today, her husband remains in critical condition. katie medley's father skipped going to the hospital this morning to attend a court hearing of james holmes. >> i feel like i make sure that justice is taken with this man. and this support everybody that has been through this. >> david sanchez says he wants holmes to face the death penalty. several of those who died are being remembered for sacrificing to save their friends. the victims honored in the u.s. senate with a moment of sil skbrens a tribute from minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> now, boy like to honor the victims by reciting their names. veronica moser-sullivan. board on... >> the president visited families and victims yesterday. you'll find more on the victims on our
. this is just really a big, community win and a celebration for us all. >> to learn more about the helen diller playground in dolores park, go to sfrecpark.org. >> good morning. i want to thank everyone for coming. you can tell by the group as an old -- assembled around me that the mayor has a big announcement to think. i want to thank the supervisors for taking time out of their day to be here. we have the police commission, fire commission, command stocks of both police and fire, the current class in the police academy, and the presidents of local 798 and the poa. without further ado, the mayor of san francisco, ed lee. >> good morning. thank you for joining me here at the san francisco police academy. also for joining the men and women who serve our city and all their public safety responsibilities. i want to thank the supervisors that are here today. certainly i want to think chief suhr as well as chief hayes- white for being here. i want to give my personal operation -- appreciation to tom o'connor and our police officers association for working so closely with us. we have some great annou
. >>> the man accused of the colorado shooting may have used colorado to set up his plan. >>> thunder and lightning off to the east, what about the week ahead, cooler or warmer? >>> good morning, thank you for joining us on this monday july 23rd i am pam cook. >> and steve has a forecast just for you since you are back from vacation. >> it has to be better here than it was there. >> well most lows are pushing off towards stockton, 60s to 90s and there is a rip roaring low coming up and we will take a look at that and coming up. >> the coliseum no major problems and also if you are looking at the san mateo that traffic is moving nicely although they are moving nicely. >>> new details, jeanine we just learned there is more than one victim, right? >> reporter: yes. let me show you what is going on. police have this area cordoned off to at least julian where mid-block where the shooting took place shots were fired and police are searching around the area talking to any witnesses to find out what happened inside this home. we are joined now from the san jose police department,
>> the reason stores have like this impact us is because stories like this is that we could understand what it would like to be somebody that we love taken from us in this fashion. >> the president of the united states speaking of why the colorado massacre killed so many. some of those injured were visited by the president. over this weekend. and this is from aurora, colorado. >> of this community of aurora, colorado paid tribute to those lost last night. >> while our hearts are broken our communities are not. we will take this experience and used this to strengthen our commitment to each other. >>reporter: some of them were backed mat that man shirt. >> we will rise again because we are colorado's. >> color modeo.. >> my main task was to serve as a representative of the entire country and let them know that we are thinking about them at this point. . >>reporter: james holmes has been planning this for months. . this individual, in my opinion is a cold, calculating and murder. >> 12 people died and nearly 60 were hurt from this suspected the gunmen opened fire tear meat midn
is case never 2012.0457c168-186 eddy street, approval for a previously approved conditional use authorization of a planned unit development. the amendment proposes to extend the performance period for an additional three years for a previously approved project to demolish an existing service parking lot and construct a new 14-story, 130-foot all mixed use building containing approximately 153 affordable dwelling units, approximately 14,250 gross square feet of ground for commercial space. as part of services of as the rooftop and second floor open space, one loading space, and no off-street parking. the amendment proposes no changes to the design or intensity of the project as a originally approved. item three is case number 2012.0509c for 100 california street. it is a request for the amendment to the conditions of approval for a previously approved of this allocation downtown project authorization. and actions regarding shadow impacts pursuant to planning code. specifically, the amendment proposes to extend the performance period for an additional three years for previously ap
governor tv and city hall and management do for us. roll call. commissioner adams? >> here. commis commissioner dooley? >> here? >> admissioner ortiz-cartagena? >> here. >> commissioner white? >> here. commissioner reilly? >> hereby. we have all commissioners here. general comment. this allows members of the public to comment generally. president adams: do we have anyone from the public wishing to make a comment on anything that is nod on today's agenda? seeing none, public comment is closed. next item? >> commissioner, we're at number three, approval of the june 25, 2012 meeting minutes. explanatory documents -- draft june 25, 2012 meeting minutes. president adams: do we have a motion to approve the minutes? >> i move. >> second. president adams: all in favor? >> aye. president adams: next item, please? >> commissioners, that motion passes 5-0. commissioners, you're on the regular calendar. items four and five will be continued until the conclusion of item number eight, in which case they'll be called together. would you like to call item number six? president adams: please. >> pr
alone. katie marzullo joins us. >> reporter: in a few hours james holmes could be in court his appearance set for 7:30 this morning. he does not have to be present in court. it is possible his attorney, a public defender, could show up alone for the proceeding. holmes will not be charged today. prosecutors have three days to file the charges there will be at least 71, one for each victim and probably more. authorities are no closer to knowing the motive. someone who knows holmes is speaking out the family pastor in san diego. >> he was a little on the quiet side. in one conversation it was obvious he was intelligent. he goals. going to be a professional. >> reporter: the police chief says holmes has lawyered up and not cooperating. as far as the stockpile of bullets at his home, 6,000 rounds were found. authorities say he bought them online which is unregulated. they say all of his purchases were legal. >>> this time there's an effort to make the names of the victims more memorable than the name of the suspect. they will -- they were honored last night. >> reporter: the turnout
and when architectural barriers are removed, customers with disabilities will be able to access and use the services of the business and bring their friends and relatives. i think it's good for business. what is the cazzie or certified access specialist institute? it's an organization of california certified access specialists with about 150 members so it's a little bit less than 1/3 of the members of the casp or cazzie mention. its mission is to be the voice of access professionals as well as a resource for both members and public. the goals include be an authoritative source, be a recognized leader for knowledge and imply men station of local, state, and federal sk -- access codes and laws. promote as a credible voice for quality standards of practice, and serve -- sorry. next one. promote access awareness, collaborate with government and advocacy organizations to promote access awareness and this is the casi website. so if someone does need a casp, that's a casi casp, they can look on that website to find someone that is in that group. the next thing i'd like to do -- supervisor mar:
and adults to photography classes. [roll being called] >> you have a quorum. the use of sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited. cell phones that are set on vibrate do cause microphone into parents. please put them in the off position. >> to have any comments on the last meeting? to have a motion to approve? -- do i have any comments on the last meeting? do i have a motion to approve it? >> item 6, introduction of new or unfinished business by board members. >> chairmen and i met with the leadership of the bicycle coalition regarding street safety and cyclist's ability -- cyclist civility. we have asked the coalition to come to a board meeting next month to update the board on the actions they're taking regarding cycling, street safety, and we would like in september to be a full board discussion around this. i think the staff has a lot to share our around our movements. i know the director having recently come back from a trip to copenhagen has some interesting things to say about the approach they take their. we would like to go ahead and get both of those things o
. >> in its own way. >> i'm allison seymour. welcome to monday morning. happy you are with us. >> let's go to tucker barnes. is that haze out there? >> i can't explain. i have no idea. looks like the surface to mars to me. let's get to the local numbers. we do have fog and mist across the area. you saw that in the live shot. it will be a hazy day, a hot afternoon with high temperatures expected to be back in the 90s. we had a break for a couple of days. temperatures back in the 90s later on this afternoon. 76 washington. 72 in baltimore. 74 ocean city and a little cooler here to our west. our friends in winchester. 70 to start your day. lots of humidity. dew point temperatures are in the low to mid-70s. a humid monday for us. we had a sprinkle or two overnight. nothing at the moment. we will likely see showers and storms redevelop later this afternoon. i think much of your day here, the next couple of hours will be dry. by mid- to late afternoon look out for the possibility of scattered storms. a few could be on the strong side a little later. monday, 93 washington. 90 annapolis. 91 in war
and wounded and -- in one of the worse mass shootings in u.s. history. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. as aurora struggles to heal, president obama speaks to those who lost loved ones. >> my main task was to serve as a representative of the entire country and let them know that we are thinking about them at this moment and will continue to think about them each and every day. >> reporter: the president said he came not only as president but also as a father and a husband. he said family shared tears, accepted hugs but also shared laughter as they recalled their loved ones. seven people remained in critical condition tonight in the hospital. president obama visited today during his stop in colorado. meantime a huge crowd showed up to honor those who did not survive. ktvu's eric rasmussen was at that vigil and tells us what the governor did not say about the suspect, eric. >> reporter: we've seen some incredible tributes to the victim's really since we got here on friday. just take a look at the crosses, they were brought in by the same man who brought in cr
this infrastructure. man: you can't simply say, "i won't use any water, it's too expensive." we have about 25% of our population that's at or below the poverty line, so you have to look at rate structures that are tiered so the people can pay their bills. franklin: we would love to have something like 75% federal money. we do get some federal aid and we are thankful, but on the other hand, we're paying for this primarily with new rates. we have increased our rates to among the highest in america. but not nearly as much as if we hadn't passed a one-cent sales tax dedicated to water and sewer infrastructure. hunter: that sales tax counts for about a third of the revenue of the department right now. franklin: we got 75% of the voters to agree to tax themselves so that their children and their children's children could have clean water because we're investing in it now. hunter: there were no alternatives. the infrastructure was in dire straits. a lot of people didn't want to believe it had to be done, but it had to be done. what came out of those lawsuits by the upper chattahoochee river keeper were two
of way fighting. they are used by transportation agencies, particularly outside of the united states. they are often used by airports. very easy to move through, very easy to find your gate, and other airports, i will not mention any by name, but their initial of may be lax -- there initials' may be lax. you just have to ask people. so we think this is something where the agency could really benefit from outside help. this is not something we recommend a lot, but this is an area where there are people who really, really know this well, and know what the best practices are better than we would. director: i agree that there is a need, and if we can just get some examples, that would be fantastic. >> yes. i believe we can make that happen. on the last issue about the name, it is in the charter. changing the name of it would be a charter issue, which would be a fairly heavy lift. thank you very much, mr. chairman. secretary boomer: 11 member of the public who wishes to address here. >> good afternoon, mr. chairman. this report is very good, but they forgot to mention that you are drawing
in u.s. hi history? >>> we have so many stories of heroism emerging from that terrible night. including those who did whatever they could to protect their loved ones. we are remember those 12 victims this morning. people in aurora mourning them in an emotional vigil last night. you see the 12 crosses already set up. from across the movie theater. i was touched last night, after each victim's name was read, everyone said, we will remember. >> we will remember. >> and we will. >> you saw the crosses there. greg zanis, the man who set them up after the columbine massacre, drove 16 hours to set them up there from illinois. we're going to go to david muir. on is scene since friday. he's outside the courthouse where james holmes is expected to make his first appearance today. good morning, david. >> reporter: they're expecting to see the suspect's face for first time today. we're told he's being held in isolation. he'll be taken through an underground tunnel to the courthouse behind me. so many people will be studying his face, his demeanor. that dyed hair. wondering how he could have changed
credits program, as recommended by staff, and in the net new impacted uses. grandfather it full 2014. commissioner sugaya: at 90%, or 100? vice president wu: for all areas? >> at 100%, for the policy credit list. i think it is hard to say. if policy makers at the board want to change that, that is my motion -- commissioner borden: commissioner sugaya: second. commissioner antonini: does that include the recommendations of the office of small business? >> the policy credit is in there for 1000 square feet and takes care of the problem. commissioner antonini: also, provision one. there were situations. commissioner borden: i did not even think about that. it is really actually -- commissioner antonini: could we get rep -- commissioner borden: i just realized. commissioner antonini: there are two things being presented, so i wanted to make sure we could address your concerns. >> there is confusion with emotion. ideally, the primary recommendation was to maintain the 3000 square foot threshold at that level, and maintain the five years. but the commission wanted to give flexibility
. >>> the man accused of a colorado movie theater, how he used connections to set up his plan. >>> and president barack obama will fly out later and we will have more on why he is in the bay area and we will tell you what road closures you can expect. >>> and there is a hot weather weekend and thunder activity off to the east and we will talk about a big cooling trends, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> well, good morning to you, pam is back, it is monday july 23rd, good morning, you gave the right forecast and you were right on other parts of the country. >> it was 70 degrees? >> it was not refreshing. >>> and this time of year you have fog and there is a little bit of thunderstorm activity and should push off to the east but it is clipping off towards stockton, still low-to-mid 80s inland. >>> good morning, this is video of an accident and they had to rescue drivers who were hit by a big-rig which happened as both vehicles were leaving interstate 880 and they slammed into a honda accord. the driver of the honda ha
that is where you are no longer going to use it. now you could still use the argument and you hear that argument more often on the republican side which is just sort of let them all slaughter each other, and without a great consideration of the strategic calculations in the middle east because it's sort of like the middle east, just go away. so, i think that is also a pretty powerful again, i would emphasize -- emphasize if you had to write now put your finger on something that would change the dynamic here, that has to be turkey. turkey. i think, i think professor -- professor, president obama's out of this one unless you see something happen in turkey or if you just see the slaughter accelerate at such a rate that we are more or less obliged to do something. it's possible that if the fsa could get ahold of aleppo and declared a free city to set up an opposition government in aleppo and figure out some way how to stop the armor, the artillery and the planes from driving them out at least for a while, that you could rapidly change the dynamic. and it would certainly be, it would certainly be an
behind us on the rooftops along the embarcadero. a little bit cooler today, mid- 50s in san francisco. temperatures today anywhere from two-seven degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday. coming up, we will show you a look at that 7 day forecast. >> we will get more information to you right now on breaking news in san jose, we just learned a few more details from authorities. police are saying that to more people were found dead in this area. they are still looking for the gunman in and around the area. we will go to the map right now and show you a map of the location. streets are blocked in and around the area so avoided if you can. also getting reports of a brand new accident on san tomas expressway and el camino real out. chp is on the scene and another accident just reported east bound 580. you can see on the sensors that the traffic is slower. >> the top story of the morning, the colorado shooting massacre. >> michelle is in aurora colorado where the victims are being remembered. >> many vigils were held last night to remember the victims, the governor even spoke with some of t
that the nc1 zoning districts remain nc1 zoning districts and not be named. the commission asked us to clarify how some of the new controls would be implemented. some of those recommendations were incorporated into the ordinance and some were not. will be happy to answer questions. >> i which is going to ask about the, that we got on low frequency noise and vibration and how that might be addressed. >> that was not part of the planning commission meeting, so it was not discussed. but i believe there are certain noise levels and vibration triggers that we can add into the code, in to this section training legislation. -- trailing legislation. >> for the most part, and entertainment venues we do have vibration controls already. it might be worthwhile to have a public process to do that before we put in the legislation. if we were to add to -- at an amendment to this, i much prefer if we were to do with three trading legislation. and if we could speak to the amendments that we would looking for, right now, in terms of the ncd boundary, the boundary should be listed between 19th avenue and sixth a
that precludes us from doing that, but i do wonder whether or not something should be included in the measure that actually allows for that or requires that that happen. i do not know that -- our terms on the board are limited, so you'll have people here sitting in these shares who will not have been a part of this process. so, to the extent that we can institutionalize in any kind of mechanism that allows for the best kind of review and analysis, i think that is something we shouldo8íbc consid. those are the kinds of things that i hope we think about between now and the time that ] there will be an opportunity for us to make changes at that point. i am not saying that we necessarily should, but at least consider those options. with that, i support the motion. supervisor kim: thank you, supervisors. i would have liked to have forward this with a understand, and i would rather this go out unanimously with no recommendation to the full board. i will motion. i want to thank all the parties that were involved in this. at the full board, we will have an opportunity to speak about our thoughts abo
avionics. we will be using it to control air traffic and we will provide an unobstructed view of the airfield, which is extremely important. it will be fitted with new safety technology that we are introducing at the airport and will result in a much more efficient system, a much more efficient use as well as being a green facility. >> for air travelers, the whole reason we are making investments in technology as we are planning for the future growth of aviation. we need to be able to handle more traffic, more efficiently, without delay. using advanced procedures that reducing fuel burn, cost, and noise. what that translates to is that you have a much higher likelihood of getting to your destination on time. >> i'm sorry? one of the things we are very focused on in san francisco is doing everything we can through technology that will enable us who have the equivalent of a beautiful sunny day weather conditions and we can handle traffic in all weather. that's what these investments are all about. >> [inaudible] >> aviation operates under a concept of sense and avoid. you want t
as the circumstances of what we've seen today are, as heartbreaking as it is for the families, it is worth us spending most of our time reflecting on young americans like ally and stephanie. because they represent what is best in us. and they assure us that out of this darkness, a brighter day will come. >> reporter: now, tomorrow morning the president will leave from san francisco international, and fly to reno, nevada. he will then speak in front of veterans of foreign wars. and then he will fly back into the bay area, this time into oakland international airport for campaigning and fundraising events in the east bay. i'm arturo santiago, back to you diane. >>> thank you, and we'll have more on the president's visit later in the news cast, including how it could affect your commute tomorrow. >>> and new at 11:00, back in colorado, police investigators reportedly found a batman mask inside the apartment of the suspected gunman. the associated press reported that law enforcement officials did not want his name used because he was not authorized to speak to the press, of course, the significance of the
of the hazardous materials from holmes' apartment, much of which will be used as evidence. investigators say holmes started stockpiling guns from denver area stores almost two months ago, and even tried to become a member of a gun range last month. >> i would say there's no such thing as a slam dunk case. it is a case where we're still looking at the enormous amount of evidence and we would never presume that it would be slam dunk. we will work very hard on this case to prosecute it just like we would any other case. >> reporter: the prosecutor says holmes could face the death penalty. however, that decision could be weeks or months away and will require some consulting with the victims and their families. in centiniel, colorado. >> many family members of the shooting victims went to court to get their first look at james holmes. relatives were escorted in. there's word today that a 21-year-old pregnant woman who narrowly escaped friday uninjured is in labor with the baby expected to be delivered today. the woman's husband was shot in the head and remains hospitalized in critical condition. we will
. i was very pleased by that. the department of public works has been terrific in helping us to resolve the end -- electrical problems. i also want to mention that there was an item before the board of supervisors today, an ordinance to retroactively approved the emergency situation and our ability to enter into those contracts with consultants. i wanted to thank the board for their support. they all helped out with questionnaires and were engaged and involved. i was there at 11:00 to watch the robot. there was a huge crowd. the technology involved to make sure everyone was safe was terrific. the cruise terminal project is not only on schedule, but the last piece will be placed by next tuesday. we are very, very pleased by the responsiveness of all parties involved and the ability to, hopefully, preserve that part of our history and future. blacks do we know the cause of the fire? >> the fire department is investigating and is expected to have a report out in about three weeks. it should be out any time. whites two short questions. those are diesel generators? are those relat
, if we could hear that and how the impact us at all of that. the other thing mentioned here today, that instead of the 3.5% charged to the caps that they are still getting 5% in some places. can we take a look at that? because that was supposed to take place july 3rd or something like that. >> [unintelligible] >> ok, july 4th. >> and i want to clarify, i do not want to leave the public with the impression that when the laguna honda 89 was discontinued, but there is no way to get up the hill. there's still a way for people to get up that hill. >> public comment is over. thank you. >> moving on -- >> is there someone that can answer the gentleman's question offline? brecht's mr. haley will. >> them next item. >> the content calendar, these items are considered to be routine and will be acted upon by a single vote. mr. chairman, if you have a request for item 10.2e to be severed and considered separately, and no other request has been. >> is there a motion to approve? >> motion. greg second. >> all in favor? the ayes have it. >> 10.2e has to do with the nose toppings on monday throug
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